Bentwater POA Services

POA Office

Hours:  Monday through Friday 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM

Entrance Department

The Main Entrance of the subdivision is staffed by entrance management employees 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The Main Entrance is limited to property owners and their approved guests. No trailers are allowed in the Main Entrance.

The West Entrance maintains hours of 6am to 10pm, 7 days a week and is available for contractor’s entrance.
The POA has a special on-line entrance system for property owners to register their guests and contractors.  They are able to manage entrance specifications for their guests as needed.

For more detailed information about guest access, please contact the Director of Entrance Department at the POA office at (936) 597-5532.

Common Area Maintenance & Enhancement

This includes the maintenance of all common areas including streets and esplanades, parks and green spaces on property owned by the POA.

Community Events

The POA offers regularly scheduled activities that are designed to appeal to residents of all ages. Each year, the POA coordinates and hosts, or participates as one of the hosts of events such as the Fourth of July parade and community fireworks celebration, Community Awareness Day,  Holiday Lighting  and FunFest.

Architectural Controls

The Architectural Control Committee is created through deed restrictions that set and regulate architectural standards within Bentwater®. The POA acts as the communicator and coordinator for the ACC, an entity independent of the POA.

Park Operations

In addition to maintaining park areas, the POA offers the exclusive use of property owners at the Park in the Meadows.  Reservations are suggested.  Contact the POA office at (936) 597-5532 for information.


The POA works daily to keep property owners informed of any news or events affecting them. In addition to this website, the POA publishes and sends out a monthly publication, BENTWATER LIFE, to all Bentwater residents.  Copies are also available at the POA office as well as online.  The POA represents the interests of the Bentwater® property owners and keeps them informed on legislative issues that may affect them on the local, state and national level. This on-going communication process is one of the strongest benefits the POA offers property owners.